The Power of “Writing it Down”

YPL Casa de Guadalupe-6381Let’s be honest: writing can be intimidating. It takes up your time, the motivation is not always there, and it can feel like work.

These were common emotions throughout both of my YPL classes this semester. Even after a productive brainstorming session with unique playwright ideas, the student’s reactions after being told they have to “write it down,” wasn’t favorable.

Student: “But, I don’t know what to write.”
Me: (confused) “You don’t know what you write? You just gave me some great ideas.”
Student: “But … it’s just so much easier to say it out loud.”
Me: “I agree, its so much easier to just say it out loud.”
Student: (smiles) “How about, I tell you and you can write it for me?” YPL Casa de Guadalupe-6379

Anyone can have an idea, a thought, an opinion, or a solution. In fact, most of us do, and lots of them. It’s writing them down that make a difference. Think about it, “writing it down” goes back to almost 6,000 years ago; it’s a way to document what is said out loud on paper.

“Writing it down” can provide social awareness and understanding to a problem, within a person and a community.  By “writing it down” it allows you to express hopes and dreams that can make an impact, locally and globally. By “writing it down” not only tells stories of the past but shows us how it shaped our future. YPL Casa de Guadalupe-6375

If we didn’t write things down, how else would ideas, thoughts, opinions, and solutions get anywhere? If we didn’t write things down, what would the world be like today? And if we didn’t write things down today, how will it shape our future?

So, yes, I agree that things are so much easier to say out loud but when you write them down it makes it real and binding, its something meaningful and vulnerable, it makes it concrete, and even official.

“Writing it down” is a reminder of how ideas, thoughts, opinions, and solutions are passed down, created, and remembered.

~ Cristina Byrne, YPL Teaching Artist

YPL Casa de Guadalupe-6106

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